Family Camp Out

Every year, our Cub Scout pack would have one big family focused event called the Family Camp Out. They typically did this in the fall or late summer, around back to school time. It was a great way to build community and to give the parents a chance to get to know the kids they […]

Popcorn Sale

Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts alike are well known for their annual popcorn sale. Most people seem to either love it or hate it. Thankfully there was a lot more love to go around. Some family members would contact my parents every year to ask if I was still in Scouts, because they loved the […]

Pack Meetings

The pack meetings were the most regular part of scouting for me, because they meant that I got to see my scout friends every week. I was in the same pack as my best friend, and he didn’t go to my school. So even though we had scouting at my school too, I didn’t attend […]

Camp Hooper

Every year our pack would plan at least one trip to Camp Hooper. It was usually in early summer, before the heat and bugs got too bad. Camp Hooper is the home of some of my favorite memories today. I really loved being a part of the experiences there.  At this camp, we slept in […]

We are Hopkinton Pack 97!

My name is Roberto Howard, and I was part of the greatest Cub Scout pack on Earth. That would be Pack 97 out of Hopkinton. Scouting was an absolutely great experience for me, and Cub Scouts is where I got my start. I still stay in touch with many of my Scouting friends today. I […]