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Cub Leader Specific Training

Friday, October 19, 2013
9:00am - 4:15pm
EMC, 176 South St Hopkinton MA

The advantages of taking Cub Leader Specific Training

Attending the upcoming Cub Leader Specifics is just one of several opportunities to listen to, and share in the knowledge other Scouters have experienced over the years. On October the 19th, you can join lively discussions during the Question and Answer periods. We offer two ‘Cracker Barrels’ and a noon day lunch as other periods to ‘exchanging ideas’ !

Many Cub Leaders find this ‘one day training’ very effective, a few even find it time saving. Because we cover all the leadership positions, it saves the hassle of going back on line time and time again, each time you change a leadership position. So as you may progress up the leadership ‘chain’, you will be ready to go, ‘Then and There’. This is also convenient and time saving for your Unit Training Coordinator (UTC) when it comes to recording who is trained and who is not. Believe me, this saves a great deal of time and confusion over the months and years ahead.
  • Cubmaster/Assist Cubmaster
  • Den Leader/Assist Den Leader
  • WEBELOS Leader/Assist WEBELOS Leader
  • Tiger Leader/Assist. Tiger Leader
  • Committee Chair/Committee Member
Please go to to register. Call Bob Wyman at 508-872-6551, ext. 225 should you have any questions