February Value - Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness: Using human resources and other resources to their fullest.

There are many ways to be resourceful. Sometimes we are resourceful by doing the simplest things everyday, such as recycling. If we don't recycle the tin cans we use today they will still be around in the year 2105 and aluminum cans we use will be around in 2205. Recycling is being resourceful.

What does it mean to be Resourceful? Do you use both sides of a piece of paper or do you just throw it away after you have written on one side? If you use both sides you're being Resourceful.

You can also be resourceful by doing things that are good for yourself. Have you ever had a task to do that you thought was very hard, and did not know if you could finish it? Being resourceful does not have to be hard work. Perhaps you have experienced a moment when you wanted something new, like a bike or ice skates, but you had to use the item you already own instead. Did you still have fun with your current bike or ice skates even if they were not new?

Here are some other ways to be resourceful:
  • Think about how you can, rather than why you can’t. 
  • Focus on what you do have, not on what you don’t have. 
  • Identify personal strengths. 
  • Use the talents of those in your group. 
  • Conserve the earth’s natural resources. 
  • Recycle household waste. 
  • Compost kitchen waste for use in gardens. 
  • Fix up an old bicycle rather than buy a new one. 
  • Clean up an old playground.