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Pinewood Derby Planning Meeting

posted Dec 13, 2012, 6:36 PM by Pack Ninetyseven   [ updated Dec 13, 2012, 6:39 PM ]

The annual Pinewood Derby is fast approaching and our planning for this event has just begun! We need a couple of parents from each den to attend our Pinewood Derby Planning Meeting on Thursday, January 3 from 6-7 pm at St. John's. Many of the parents who volunteer to make this event happen have boys who are graduating either this year or next and it is time to bring in the parents of our younger scouts so they can help keep this amazing event going for years to come for our boys. I know, you can't possibly fit one more thing on your calendar. :) Before you choose not to respond, please take a look at some info about what is needed and some benefits for you and your son.

What is Needed

Because our Pack is quite large, we operate with the philosophy that many hands make light work. This allows each of us to focus our time on what we do best/what we are interested in. We have 2 teams of planners for the Pinewood Derby:
  • The Track Team (involves anything to do with the physical track, timing system & software) - guys who are handy, if you can operate a computer, like putting things together - you'd be great on this team! This team is currently made up of a lot of dads, so you won't be alone!
  • The Hospitality Team (involves everything else...ordering trophies, check in/registration, ordering food, decorations) - you can do something behind the scenes like ordering and setting up the trophies, or helping to facilitate check in, or coordinating the food/drink that we'll provide, if any of these interest you, we'd love to have you! 
There is a lot of opportunity within each team and you can have as much or as little involvement as you would like.

The Benefits

  • You are able to give you son a behind the scenes look at how the track works, how it gets set up and how this event comes together!
  • It won't take a lot of time and it is a lot of fun for you and your scout!! Feedback from many of the boys is that they really like when their parent is involved in helping with these events. :)
  • If you would like to bring your scout to this meeting, we will have a Boy Scout (or two) there to talk to the boys about the Pinewood Derby and they will give your boys some tips about making their Pinewood Derby cars (this will take place in an adjacent room to where we will be meeting) and will answer any questions they have about the event. What's better than a few tips from kids who have done this?! 
Please RSVP to Kim Brennan and let her know if you are interested and can make the meeting. OR if you are interested, but can't make the meeting. A more detailed agenda and list of tasks will be sent out shortly. If you have any questions please contact Kim.