April Theme - Faith

Faith is having inner strength or confidence based on our trust in a higher power. Cub Scouts will learn that it is important to look for the good in all situations. With their family guiding them, Cub Scouts will grow stronger in their faith.

See if you recognize these examples of where Faith is Found:

F - Follow the example of your religious leaders, your grandparents, or others who have great faith - it will help you find your own Faith.

A - Always look for examples of faith as you enjoy the outdoors – like the breeze, faith cannot be seen – but you can feel its presence.

I - If you want to have faith, learn to serve others – without complaining.

T - Trust in your God, your Country and Yourself – And always be a person that can BE trusted if you want to find Faith.

H- How you ACT will show what you really believe.